Tactical Advantage V's Spooky Fish

As anglers we will have heard the term "pressured fish", it basically means the fish have their white surrender flags out. These pressured fish very quickly become difficult to catch and weary of anything entering the water beside them. So to combat this we normally address two things, the flies and leader. Minor changes in the fly and leader will inevitably help however for me the largest foreign body the fish will be subjected to time after time is your fly line and we would seldom think about adjusting its presentation or colour similar to the flies and leader. It was to this end I decided two years ago to begin experimenting with fly line colours and presentation to try and make them as spook free to the fish as possible. Over the course of the two years through FNF we began to hone what was required in such a line and the proof of the pudding was in the eating. Once perfected the use of spook free lines started to show in our catches on two fronts. We noticed how they would really help on pressured fish whether natural or stocked but I think the biggest surprise was the amount of large fish we caught while using these spook free lines. In just one season the small test team set two new fish size records using the new range of FNF lines. Within the test team the lines became known as the Tactical Advantage lines, a name that we carried into the brand. The lines were also adding a third dimension to our fishing, confidence! We quickly became confident with the lines especially towards the back end of 2019 season when they were in their final version after numerous changes. The lessons learnt were easily transferable between lines and we went on to develop the "Tactical Advantage" line range. This line range comprises of seven lines in total, The Floater, Buzzer Lock-up, Sneaky Tip (fast & slow), Arc2, Arc4 & Arc6. Made from the latest technology each of these lines will provide some sort of tactical advantage especially when fishing over spooky fish. A special thanks has to go out to all the core FNF Tactical Advantage line testers. James Bews, Alan Porteous, Campbell Morgan, Sean McCaffrey, Kieron Jenkins, Scott Reith and Rob Edmunds. At the hands of these top competition anglers lines were put under heavy scrutiny and testing resulting in them being as good as they could possibly be.

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