FNF Buzzer Lock-Up
FNF Buzzer Lock-Up

FNF Buzzer Lock-Up

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This line has been developed to fish buzzers and nymphs at the steepest angle possible. We call it fishing the plug hole. The line has 18" of sink 5 tip at the end of a high buoyancy floating  line. This sink 5 tip will hinge in the water forcing the cast into a vertical plain. The steeper the angle we create generally the better our buzzers or nymphs work when targeting buzzer feeding fish. When natural buzzers hatch their assent through the water is on a very steep plain. This line has been developed and tested to mimic this vertical assent. Getting this angle correct makes a huge difference to catch rate. The Buzzer Lock-Up has been developed using the latest line technology available to a very high standard. The main body of the line is a soft spook free olive with a blue 18" sink 5 tip. We have engineered a very small amount  of stretch into this line as often takes are very aggressive however when using this line your cast may be quite deep so we need some feeling transmitted through the core. The Buzzer Lock-Up also makes an excellent midge tip line especially good in windy conditions. When fishing the washing line the short sink 5 tip will bite in giving you more control and also present the flies in an unusual manner than what the fish are used to seeing. Line 105' long.



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