What A Year

It’s been another exciting year here at FNF as we have continued to develop
new materials for the fly fishing world. Our new Jelly fritz has continued
to be a favourite with a lot of the top competition anglers in the country,
I myself have rarely ventured out without it this season. The popularity of
Daphnia and Bush Baby fritz has also started to take of as anglers find
time to experiment with the material and with the cold weather pushing in
the Chewing Gum range is really coming into its own.
It has been nice to see the growth of our products through Europe, this has
largely been down to competition anglers using our products in various
European countries.
It was nice to see the FNF Nymphomaniacs (6 man team) do so well this year
taking runner up spot in the Sportfish team event and winning the Grafham
Water Championship in convincing fashion with Nymphomaniac's Rob Edmunds
putting the Hybrid Jelly pattern to good effect during these matches. 2018
will see a new FNF six man team emerge (FNF Falcons) as we continue to
support competition angling. FNF will also get involved in supporting
competitions through the 2018 season and encourage everyone to get involved
in competition angling and make new friends.
FNF have made a handful of high end rods designed and built using the
highest grade of British Carbon fibre (a very rare thing) and locally built
real seats purpose designed for the rod. All the rods have been pre-ordered
and will be a rare beast at the water side. We will make a decision in the
short term to build more rods to order, they really are a special piece of
We are also in the advanced stages of developing some new products;
materials are out with testers at the moment. Only the very best products
will make the range, again we hope our new products will find favour with
anglers (and fish) very quickly. With a little bit of luck FNF hope to have
some new materials at this year’s BFFI held in February, come along and say
FNF hope that your 2017 season was a great one and wish you every success
during 2018, get out there and fish.

Kevin Porteous

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